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Transforming Lives Through Education and Empowerment

“Dr. Erika” Shearin Karres is a bestselling author and award-winning educator whose challenging life experiences inspired her to empower the lives of others through education and building self-esteem.

Teen Bullying & Aggression

Bullying is starting at an earlier age and bully awareness education should begin at the preschool level, so that children understand more about this type of behavior and how to avoid being a victim as well as a victimizer.

Academic Motivation

Children are born with a natural curiosity about the world around them. Motivating our children to embrace and enjoy education builds imagination, character, and gives them an edge in life and being the best they can be.

Women’s Empowerment & Success

Today’s women have the ability to reach any goal and live their dreams. They can embrace life by first embracing themselves and then helping other women do the same.


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